My-Clay Cutie Clay Craft Box

$ 9.00
Weight: 0.140 kg
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A complete clay-sculpting box for kids' clay project! Sculpt up to 6 different clay figurines, either use them as handphone charms or cute magnets. Our instruction sheet displays basic clay-sculpting techniques and also 6 character step-by-steps of Pirate, Parrot, Monkey, Baby Dinosaur, Owl and Ladybird. My-Clay is a lightweight, air-dry clay made specially for kids' craft. The kids will adore rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling My-Clay into 3D shapes.

Also included is a set of 3 clay tools.

Our My-Clay is certified:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe For Children
  • Conforms to International Safety Standard EN71


6 x 10gm My-Clay

3 x Handphone charm

3 x Magnet

1 x Clay tool set

1 x 5.5ml White glue

Instruction sheet

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (my-clay-cutie-clay-craft-sbs.jpg, 365 Kb) [Download]