3D Balancing Bird Kit - Parrot / Toucan

$ 8.00

Our amazing Balancing Birds defy gravity and are sure to entertain kids with a flair of physics and science! It comes in two beautiful designs - Parrot and Toucan. The Birds will miraculously perch on the stand by their beaks, where both the base and stand are part of the whole craft. This is an all around great and fun activity where kids are able to be educated on how gravity works! Furthermore, they can colour the birds and base however they like - colourful like a rainbow or with patterns - up to their creativity! The balancing act will mesmerize kids for hours!

Great for classroom educational activity craft.


1 x Set of 3D Balancing Bird

1 x Pack of Felt

4 x Magnets

1 x 2.5ml Colour paint

1 x Paint brush

1 x Base

Chenille stems

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (3d-balancing-bird-sbs.jpg, 372 Kb) [Download]