Dinosaur Clay Stand Kit - T-Rex / Parasaurolophus / Stegosaurus / Brontosaurus

$ 15.00
Weight: 0.69 kg

Imagine scuplting a cool dinosaur out of wooden puzzles and lightweight clay! Our Dinosaur Clay Stand Kit makes a 3D dinosaur with vibrant clay colours that can be proudly displayed anywhere! It comes in 4 different dinosaur types - T-Rex, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus or Brontosaurus. It allows kids to brush up their dinosaur knowledge and use their fine-motor skills to put together and build the wooden puzzle base. Scuplting allows kids to manipulate clay using their fingers and our air-dry clay is lightweight with vivid colours! This craft kit is a massive hit for kids who love all things dinosaur! 


6 x 20gm Air-dry clay

1 x MDF Dino stand

1 x Clay tool set

1 x 2.5ml White glue

1 x Wiggly eyes

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (dinosaur-clay-stand-kit-sbs.jpg, 424 Kb) [Download]