Dragon Puppet Kit

$ 4.50
Weight: 0.295 kg

Usher in Chinese New Year with our mystical and easy to make Dragon puppet! Chinese dragons are rich in symbolism and mythology, bring it to life with our Dragon puppet kit to usher in good luck and prosperity. Imaginative kids will love to play and flex their creative minds for amazing story-telling sessions! Our Dragon puppet has details like a long serpentine body, claws, and the iconic antler-like horns, kids only have to use their vision and artistic skill to colour in the Dragon with our magic colour pens and then assembling all parts together! 

Perfect for Chinese New Year cultural activity in cultural lessons and art classes.


1 x Dragon puppet

2 x Bamboo sticks

2 x Double-sided tape

4 x Button paper holder

8 x Mini magic colour pens

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (dragon-puppet-kit-sbs.jpg, 301 Kb) [Download]