Felt Animal Wind Chime Kit

$ 8.00
Weight: 0.12 kg

Imagine the magical wind-blown sounds these fabulous, felt-based metal wind chimes makes at your favourite breezy spot! Not only are they beautiful to look at and brighten the area, the metal chimes makes incredibly sweet sounds when they clink in the wind that will definitely lift up your mood! Kids can choose between 6 beautiful felt animal designs - Angelfish, Toucan, Tiger, Lion, Clownfish and Parrot! The kit comes with everything ready and the felt are pre-cut so no scissors are required, only creative minds that love to build with felt sticker shapes! Also included is a pack of assorted colourful diamonds for that extra bling!


1 x Felt animal set

4 x Wind chimes

1 x Ribbon

1 x Thread

6 x Assorted colour diamonds

1 x Felt glue

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (felt-animal-wind-chime-sbs.jpg, 362 Kb) [Download]