Foam Clay 2-in-1 Transport Keychain Kit - Train and Car/Aeroplane and Ship

$ 8.50

Sculpt and display two adorable Foam Clay transport keychains - Train and Car or Aeroplane and Ship! New and popular Foam Clay deco activity kit provides hours of fun while cultivating motor skills and patience. Foam Clay is a lightweight clay with beady texture, easy to sculpt and air-dry. Kids will adore rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling Foam Clay into 3D shapes.

Perfect as goody or gift bags for parties as well!


2 x Pre-drawn MDF transport design

6 x 10gm Foam clay colours

2 x Keychain

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (foam-clay-transport-keychain-kit-sbs.jpg, 485 Kb) [Download]