Foil Art Craft Kit - 6-in-1

$ 19.00
Weight: 0.690 kg

Construct holographic Foil Art designs with 8 different colours and patterns in 6 cute designs - Unicorn, Train, Lion, Dinosaur T-Rex, Owl and Fairy! The foil sticker card design is pre-cut so there is no need for scissors. Peel off a section and transfer foil on top of the exposed sticky surface, trace with plastic skewer and voila! A stunning, multi-patterned and colourful Foil Art! Cultivates patience (hours of fun!) and motor skills.

Comes with 3 different transfer tools for easier foil transfer and sticking!


6 x Foil art sticker card

6 x 8 Assorted foil sheets

1 x Tool set

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (foil-art-craft-box-sbs.jpg, 472 Kb) [Download]