LED Wooden Lantern Kit

$ 11.00
Weight: 0.585 kg

Bring in the light during the night with this beautiful DIY Owl and Unicorn lantern! You can colour them as you like and decorate around the house or bring-it-along for Mid-Autumn Festival. Just illuminate the lantern's Owl and Unicorn with a safe LED light that comes with it. The lantern has 4 sides and each side alternates between the Owl and the Unicorn!

Great for Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival!


1 x LED Wooden Lantern

1 x LED Light

1 x 4 Design sheets

1 x Lantern tassel

6 x 2.5ml Colour paint

1 x 5.5ml White glue

1 x Palette

1 x Paintbrush

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (led-wooden-lantern-kit-sbs.jpg, 501 Kb) [Download]