LED Wooden Lantern Kit

$ 9.50

Lit up and celebrate Mid-Autumn festival with this DIY LED wooden lantern kit! Comes in 4 ever popular designs - Owl, Unicorn, Bird and Mermaid. Kids only have to trace according to provided characters and colour them as they like. The designs can be displayed on all sides, each with a different side to the lantern. Enjoy building the beautifully shaped, ancient Chinese inspired MDF lantern from scratch too!

Perfect for Mid-Autumn Festival craft lessons and Chinese cultural activities and events.


1 x Pre-cut MDF lantern set

4 x Lantern paper sheets

1 x LED light

1 x Thread

1 x Tassel with bead

1 x 5.5ml White glue

4 x Design for tracing

6 x 5.5ml colour paint 

1 x paint brush

Tips for painting

Use water-based paint for the wooden frame &

magic colour for Lantern paper sheet.


Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (led-wooden-lantern-sbs.jpg, 585 Kb) [Download]