Sand Diamond Art Kit - All Things Adorable

$ 16.00
Weight: 0.515 kg

Make your own Sand Diamond bling keychains! "All Things Adorable" kit features 5 adorable designs which are Unicorn, Rocking Horse, Cupcake, Butterfly and Cat. Kids will love pouring sand on the sand art board and adding Diamond stickers for the extra bling! They can loop the keychains for each of them and then show off their Sand Diamond bling keychains!

Comes with everything ready, just add your creativity!


5 x Adorable Sand Art boards

5 x Keychain 

1 x Diamond sticky pen

1 x Sticky pad

11 x Pack of assorted coloured diamonds

15 x Big diamond sticker

10 x Assorted colour sand

10 x Paper cups

1 x Round diamond storage container

1 x Tray

1 x Plastic skewer

1 x Protective glue

1 x Brush

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (sand-diamond-art-kit-sbs.jpg, 698 Kb) [Download]