Scratch Art Farm Animal Kit- Pack of 5

$ 5.00
Weight: 0.040 kg

Scratch Art farm animals are a top favourite among kids! Comes in 5 different shapes to draw on - Duck, Cow, Chicken, Sheep and Horse. The material behind this Scratch Art surface is a tough and sturdy artcard backing. Scratching the black surface with the provided scratch art stylus will reveal beautiful rainbow-like colours underneath! You can choose to punch a hole and hang it using ribbons or stick magnet strip behind as fridge magnets.

Note that this craft is extremely addictive! Great as a past-time hobby and even better as a kids' parties and events craft.


5 x Scratch art farm animal shape with artcard backing

1 x Scratch art stylus

5 x Ribbon

1 x Magnet strip

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (scratch-art-farm-animals-sbs.jpg, 176 Kb) [Download]