Scratch Art Halloween Puppet - Pack of 3

$ 10.00
Weight: 0.120 kg

Be prepared to get spooked with our Halloween Scratch Art puppets! This crafty, DIY pack comes in 3 cute designs - Owl, Baby Bat and Pumpkin. Fill up and complete the designs with various patterns and see them appear in rainbow colours! Great for decoration and play at the same time, kids will have fun building the puppet by themselves and move the puppets with strings.

Great for kids' party gift bag or for all sorts of kids' events and a wonderful addition to your Halloween parties.


3 x Set of Halloween puppet

3 x Craft stick

3 x Set of pins

3 x Scratch Art stylus

3 x Thread

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (scratch-art-halloween-puppet-sbs.jpg, 233 Kb) [Download]