Window Art Fun Painting Box Set

$ 20.00
Weight: 0.690 kg

Transform your windows and glass panels into stunning creative scenes! Comes with 4 suction boards in Unicorn, Owl, Mermaid and Car themes and 2 design drawing sheets suited for boys and girls alike. Kids will love filling up the suction boards and see the sun shine through the transparent colours. They are free to trace, draw and fill all of the designs in this kit on a vinyl plastic sheet, resulting in peelable stickers that can be stuck onto any smooth surface, for example: windows, glass, cups and tiles. Plenty of fun hours to be had and lots of imagination and creativity to explore with! 

Comes with 10 different Window Art Colour Paint in tubes which are easy to press and 1 big Black Outliner for tracing many different designs. Truly a complete kit worth giving as a gift!

Note: This kit's Window Art colour paint does not need baking. It is a No-Bake Window Art craft.


4 x Window Art board with suction

2 x Window Art drawing sheet

10 x 11ml Window Art colour pen

1 x 22ml Window Art black outliner

2 x Vinyl sheet

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (window-art-box-kit-sbs.jpg, 321 Kb) [Download]